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About Us

  • Star Light Locks first introduced its line of quality locks, hardware and bathware to the Canadian market in 1997.
  • Since then, we have been working closely with overseas manufacturers by constantly providing feedback and improving product design in order to meet market demand. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients and we are proud to see our products in residential and commercial spaces across the country.
  • Our warehouse is conveniently located in Richmond, BC, a major transportation hub in the Asia-Pacific gateway. We stock a variety of hand-picked styles and finishes, but we also welcome any design ideas you may have. Our experienced team is here to offer you the quality products you desire at competitive prices.
  • We take pride in customer satisfaction by helping you devise innovative and creative solutions and by ensuring that you can complete your projects effectively, efficiently, and timely.
  • We invite you to browse through our catalogue and to visit our website to learn more about our commitment, our quality line of products and most importantly,the Star Light culture.
    Let Star Light Locks become an integral part of your team.
  • On behalf of our team, we thank you for your patronage and support!